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The greatest gift is your love and support, but thank you so much for considering a wedding gift!

As two adults in our 30's blessed to be established and in good careers, we have to confess we struggled a bit when it came to constructing a registry.  Matt deconstructed our entire kitchen in search of things in need of an upgrade, and came away with a grand total of one item... a cutting board, which a family member happened to gift us for Christmas, bringing the total back to zero.

So we've thrown in the towel and decided to forgo a traditional registry.  However, for those who want to contribute something to support us, we'd recommend a cash gift that we can use for a honeymoon, a rainy day fund, or a down payment on a first home.  

A check or cash gift is preferable (we don't like the idea of our guests paying app fees), and can be dropped off at the wedding or mailed to us at 3122 9th Rd N, #4, Arlington, VA, 22201.

For those who prefer to give electronically, though, we've also set up a site here to provide you with couple of digital options.

Thank you all,

Matt & Laura

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