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Our adventures together have brought us closer as a couple and shared travel has given us close and vibrant relationships with each others' parents. So as we bring our families together, we'd like to give those closest to us the opportunity to share a new experience together and forge new bonds.

Miami. A beach party that never stops.

But it's more than neon lights and tanned bodies on South Beach.  Miami is a unique cultural crossroads - a melting pot of American, Cuban, & Caribbean culture -  a place where you can start your day with a Cuban pastry & coffee, lunch at a classic American diner, and sit for an authentic omakase sushi dinner.

It's a city we keep coming back to.  Sometimes on purpose, and a couple times on accident!

Matt learned to scuba dive here, and it's where Laura went to her first major animation conference.  We keep finding our way back, and each time we find something new to do!

So as we celebrate and set out on this journey together, we wanted to treat both our families to a place we *know* is worth a visit.  And maybe give you all an escape from the winter cold. ; - )

So, what is there to do in Miami, anyway?

bokah copy.jpg
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