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Tokyo, Japan - An Exchange of Rings Ceremony and Reception

July 31 - August 7, 2023

(and beyond)

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Our adventures together have brought us closer as a couple and shared travel has given us close and vibrant relationships with each others' parents. So as we bring our families together, we'd like to give those closest to us the opportunity to share a new experience together and forge new bonds.

Japan. Something old and something new.

For Matt, this is a return to a cherished memory. Between study and work, he has spent over 2 years in the country.  It's where cooking "Rice a la Soy Sauce" for the third night in a row trying to stretch a thin paycheck taught him where college ended and "the real world" began, and where half a world's distance from family taught him to treasure closeness.  The country holds a special place in his heart. 

For Laura, this is a new frontier.  A place she has always wanted to see, but out of reach across dollars and distance, that her dedication and success has now placed within her grasp.  She wants to set out on this journey, but as a new kind of adventure with all those she holds dear. 

So if you join us in Tokyo, we'll help you navigate the language, the trains, and the social norms. We're arranging a week of activities in Tokyo, including our Exchange of Vows Ceremony, and when we're done with that we'll be hopping to other cities in the country. We'd love to have you for as much (or as little) of this adventure as you wish!

So, what is there to do in Tokyo, anyway?

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