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About Us

Laura is a Bay Area-born, Los Angeles-matured fireball of energy and organization.  Clever, talented, and ferociously disciplined, she is studying French but already speaks fluent snark as a second language.  When she is not hiding stuffed birds in various places in the house (don't ask) she is learning piano, experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen, or working on her career move from journalism to creative media.


Matt is from practically everywhere.  Born in Illinois, raised from New York to Minnesota to North Carolina, schooled in Indiana, adultified in Tokyo, barred in Virginia and banned from at least one pub in Galway.  Intolerably punny and prone to long soliloquies about whatever history book or podcast he's currently absorbed in.  He does the dishes and makes Laura talk about feelings.

Each week, you can find them exchanging punches at the local boxing gym, swing dancing with the ballroom club, watching classic films for their new podcast, and cooking Indian food. 

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